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Growing the Game for Women at Corica Park Golf Course

Coach Beth Allen posing for a  photo with golf bag at the golf course.

Meet Coach Beth Allen

A warm welcome to Beth Allen! A familiar face at Corica Park as the Academy of Art University golf team coach, she is bringing her insight & expertise to our women’s golf clinics.


Some fun facts about Beth: 

  • 17-year professional golf career on LPGA & Ladies European Tour

  • Competed in 36 different countries

  • Ranked #1 golfer in Europe in 2016

  • Caddied the 2023 U.S. Senior Women's Open Champion to victory 

  • Co-hosts The Women’s Golf Show Podcast, produced by the R&A

Beth is passionate about making the learning process more accessible, more welcoming, and a whole lot more fun. We are excited to have her!

Positives About Playing This Game

Hello everyone! I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow the wonderful game of golf at Corica Park! There are so many positives about playing this game, despite how frustrating it can be! Some you may not even have thought about. Did you know that players who carry their bags for nine holes are estimated to burn up to 720 calories? Golf also benefits reaction time, balance, and flexibility. The beauty of the sport is that it doesn’t only benefit you physically but mentally, too! Golf teaches you to be honest and forthright. It forces you to battle with yourself to overcome self-doubt and, of course, teaches you endurance and resilience! All of these things can compliment you off the golf course as well! 

Here are a few great reasons to start playing golf:

  • Carrying your clubs for nine holes burns up to 720 calories

  • Golf improves your reaction time, balance, and flexibility

  • Golf teaches you to be honest and forthright

  • Golf helps you overcome self-doubt and teaches you endurance and resilience

Women's golf clinic students gathering with golf bags at the tee box at Corica Park

Growing Community of Women Golfers

Growing the community of women golfers is especially important to me. When I began playing golf almost 30 years ago, I was the only girl who wanted to play on the High School team. This was a daunting proposition, but luckily for me, I have a wonderful mother who is equally passionate about golf and encouraged me to be brave and go for it! This led to a college scholarship, a 17-year stint on the LPGA and European Tours, and now a fabulous career doing something that I love, which is helping YOU!

Helping Women Progress in Golf

Helping women progress in golf is incredibly rewarding. In a group environment, it is even more fun! Watching relationships build among the students and the supportive environment have been a couple of my favorite parts about coaching the clinics at Corica Park. I love running into students on the driving range who are working on their games without me and talking to them about what is going well and where there is room for improvement! It is so important to create a safe space to learn, and I believe that is something that our women's golf clinics at Corica Park do really well! 

"Watching relationships build among the students and the supportive environment have been a couple of my favorite parts about coaching the clinics at Corica Park."

Women's golf clinic class posing for a group photo at Corica Park Golf Course driving range

Approach to Teaching Women

My approach to teaching women doesn’t differ much from teaching anyone else, but I believe my comfort level with women is much better, so in turn, my communication is too.

With all of my students, I always ask questions like, “How does that feel? Do you understand what I am trying to help with?” As a coach, it is really important that those questions are asked and answered honestly. I find that women are great at answering those questions, which makes the process so much more enjoyable. I would like to think that there is an unspoken trust that women have with one another, and that is why novice female players often contact me to guide their journey! I am so looking forward to helping you along your golf journey!

See you on the tee :-)

Upcoming Women's Golf Clinics

The Winter Series is full, but the Spring Women's Clinic dates will be released soon. Availability is limited, and spots fill up quickly! To receive updates, please join our women's golf mailing list.

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