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5/29: Didgeridoo & Breathwork with Elise Peeples

5/29: Didgeridoo & Breathwork with Elise Peeples
5/29: Didgeridoo & Breathwork with Elise Peeples

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May 29, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Alameda, 1 Clubhouse Memorial Rd, Alameda, CA 94502, USA


Greenway Golf is celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month at Corica Park in May! Join us throughout the month as expert practitioners guide you though curated workshops in art therapy, music therapy, mindful movement, cooking, and more.

This Week: Breathwork for Physical & Mental Health with Elise Peeples

Experience the power of the didgeridoo with musician and teacher Elise Peeples as she plays this healing modality and leads you through breathwork exercises intended to reduce stress and anxiety and promote calmness and relaxation. Bring your blanket for maximum comfort.

More about Elise:

Elise Peeples has been a didgeridoo (Aboriginal Australian musical instrument that makes a drone sound) teacher and breath worker for 15 years. This instrument strengthens the diaphragm and helps people develop the skills to move from the sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight) to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest).  She shares,  "I work to calm people and allow their bodies to attend to the maintenance required for good mental and physical health instead of living in a precarious state of constant anxiety."

Join us for this event & RSVP today!

All proceeds go to Greenway Foundation to support mental health programs for the community. A recommended donation amount is $10, but any amount is greatly appreciated. Everyone is welcome, regardless of financial situation.

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  • 5/29 - Didgeridoo & Breathwork




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