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9/9: Youth On Course 100 Hole Hike

Golf's Ultimate Charitable Challenge

9/9: Youth On Course 100 Hole Hike
9/9: Youth On Course 100 Hole Hike

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Sep 09, 2024, 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Alameda, 1 Clubhouse Memorial Rd, Alameda, CA 94502, USA


The National Youth on Course 100 Hole Hike comes to Corica Park! Join us on the Par-3 Mif Course for golf's ultimate charitable challenge.  

Youth on Course supporters from across the globe take on the formidable challenge of playing 100 holes of golf all in an effort to help ensure young people have affordable access to golf and the life-changing opportunities that come with playing the sport. 

Different ways to hike:

 Solo: Hike 100 Holes on your own - do it in a loop, play the same hole or three holes, any way you cut it you are a die hard that want to do it all yourself.  

Relay: Pass the baton with your teammates so that you each play a set amount of holes that together total 100. This lets you get in your holes and then spectate as your other teammates finish the remaining holes.   

Tap in, Tap Out: Pace yourself with your team by Hiking a hole or a few and then waiting for your other teammates to do a few holes continuously alternating. At the end your team will reach all 100 holes and be ready to celebrate the team effort.   

Learn more and register here to be a part of this amazing event! 

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