Welcome to the Community Spotlight. We love seeing our growing, diverse community around the course: from beloved, long-time members of the Corica Park family to new friends just discovering the space. Scroll down to “meet” some of the people that help make Corica Park what it is.

Spotlight: Ed Bloom

Meet Ed Bloom, many would call Ed "the face" of Corica Park's Practice Facility. If you've been there, chances are you've been fortunate enough to have met him. We are very thankful to have Ed on our team and are pleased to recognize his hard work and commitment to improving the experience for all of our guests that visit Corica Park.

"After growing up in Chicago and a stint in the military, I came to California in 1974. I went to Chabot's driving range in 1989 for the first time holding a club. At that point, I fell in love with the game. I got lucky enough to get hooked up with a single at Willow Park, and we became good friends. His Dad was in charge of the marshalls at Alameda Golf Course, and he got us automatic, 8:00 start times every Saturday on the North course. We did that for about 4 years. That was my intro to Corica.

My job was by the airport so I would come to the range a few times a week before work. At that time I never imagined that I would be spending my retirement working part-time at Corica Park. I really enjoy seeing the regulars at the range and have made even more friends. It's fun watching the kids learn the game, and all the good players practicing.

Hopefully, some of it will rub off on me. The game of golf has been good to me." - Ed Bloom

Thank you, Ed, for being a big part of what makes our Corica Park family so special!

Spotlight: Cassandra Puspoki

Meet Cassandra Puspoki, an accomplished scholar-athlete, future nurse, and On The Green Summer Camp’s lead golf instructor. She is a member of the CSUEB Women’s golf team and an All-Scholar Athletic Academic Achievement award recipient multiple years running! We met Cassie in 2021 when she generously volunteered her time to teach at our camps. Impressed by her incredible ability to connect with youth and her budding leadership skills, we selected her to head up golf instruction for this year’s summer program. We’ve loved watching her grow into a confident leader and are fortunate to have her on our team.

“Hello, my name is Cassandra Puspoki but I mostly go by Cassie. I am from Pleasanton, California. I am currently a college student at California State University East Bay. I also play on the CSUEB women's golf team. I found Corica Park through my college, which practices here, and eventually started working at the “On the Green” summer camp in July of 2021. This last summer I was the lead golf coach at the “On the Green” Summer camp. I am currently a coach for Corica Park’s “Saturdays on the Green” youth program.

A little bit about my golf journey... Golf is a huge part of my life. My dad first picked up golf in his twenties and like so many became addicted. Eventually, my dad used golf to get my mom to go out with him. He told my mom that he could “teach her how to play golf.” Years later my parents got married on the same golf course they had their first date at. Eventually my twin sister and I were born and we quickly picked up the sport. Throughout my life I have played competitive golf all over California and eventually started playing at CSUEB as a Freshman in 2019.

I am extremely passionate about golf and this is one reason I absolutely love Corica Park's mission to expand golf to a wider community of people. We work with over 150 youth to provide free programming and teach them life skills through golf such as positivity, patience, honesty, decision-making, and perseverance. The energy of the camps is so special and I am very proud and grateful that I get to work closely with juniors and the Corica Park team! It means so much to me that I get to make an impact in the golf community. I love that I get to teach youth the lessons I have learned throughout my golf career and watch my love of golf spread to new communities!” ––Cassandra Puspoki

Thank you, Cassandra, for being a big part of what makes our Corica Park family so special!

Spotlight: Iris Mitchell

Meet Iris Mitchell, 10+ year Alameda resident, dedicated mother, and education advocate. We met Iris at AUSD’s End of Year BBQ with Families of Color in May. She attended our inaugural Womens’ Day clinic with her daughter, and we loved getting to know her and her lovely children better this summer during our On The Green Summer Camp. Her son Orion, formerly a very occasional golfer, is so hooked that he is now watching televised golf tournaments! Her daughter Olaniyi loved making friends from all over the Bay Area, how diverse the camp was, and how inclusive it was for older beginner youth golfers like herself.

Iris (pictured at right) with another new Corica Park friend, Encore Church pastor Tiffany Padilla.

Greetings, my name is Iris F. Mitchell. I am originally from El Salvador but was raised in San Francisco. I moved to Alameda in 2010. I have a background in finance and I am currently a stay-at-home mom raising two children and Mr. Fluffy, a bunny. My daughter is a 7th grader at St. Joseph's. My son is in 3rd grade at Bay Farm Elementary. I am an actively involved parent of children very involved in sports. I am a co-founding member of Alameda Parents Unified where we advocate for student and parent rights and also work closely with AUSD as a member of Alameda Mosaic. I enjoy traveling and spending time with family, friends & the community.

I have taken a recent interest in golf and all the treasures that come with it. Everything that Corica Park is doing to create a welcoming, diverse space for the entire community is working. I can see it and feel it! I have lived in Alameda for ten years, but have never spent so much time at the course as I have in the last month. I know our family will be enjoying this close retreat from home for many years to come.  I invite you to take a second look. You won't be disappointed.  – In Everything we do, Love wins. Blessings. Iris Mitchell

Thank you, Iris, for being a big part of what makes our Corica Park family so special!

Spotlight: Bob Blanchard

For our inaugural spotlight, we profile Bob Blanchard, long-time Alameda resident, avid golfer and junior golf tournament starter extraordinaire! He has been coming to the course since 1948, joining five generations of the Blanchard family with deep roots at Corica Park.

My Grandfather, my Father, myself, our daughters and our 22 year old grandson have played golf at Alameda/Corica Park Golf Course - making 5 generations of the Blanchard family patrons in the Alameda Golf scene. My fondest memories are taking free golf lessons from The first Golf Pro Earl Fry on Saturday mornings, working at the golf course, cleaning golf clubs, golf shoes, sweeping floors, washing windows, caddying and playing the original golf course. My Mother would pack a lunch and I would head out to the golf course, crossing over the first wooden bridge to Bay Farm Island. I would spend the whole day at the course walking home with my clubs around dinner time. I was fortunate to grow up at the course with so many Great Generation players and their children that served America in World War II.  The wonderful experience was a safe haven for a young boy to learn respect, politeness, proper behavior and a game that has lasted a lifetime. There are many more memories I have but suffice to say I was very lucky growing up in Alameda and working and playing golf at a wonderful golf course and a beautiful City.  --Bob Blanchard