Greenway Golf: Our Mission

Greenway Golf’s mission is to harmonize the successful operation of our golf business with ecological stewardship and community benefit through innovative and measurable environmental practices, inclusive and results-driven social initiatives, and inspiring and thoughtful design.


Greenway Golf believes that golf courses should be sustainable open spaces for everyone. Sustainability that ensures inclusive, long-term viability is multi-fold: ecological, social and financial. Large carbon footprints, single- purpose land use and significant barriers to entry, both cultural and economic, pose challenges for embracing today’s most pressing issues. Corica Park, Greenway’s flagship property, is testament to our efforts to model how golf courses can be redesigned and successfully operated as places for flora, fauna and people to flourish.

Environmental Sustainability

Ecological stewardship is central to Greenway’s ethos. Regenerating the natural environment honors the traditions of the game by preserving open recreational space for current and future generations. A complete renovation has transformed the formerly degraded landscape at Corica Park into a vibrant ecosystem. Newly created natural habitats are sanctuaries for plankton, fish, pollinating butterflies and a dozen species of birds, most of which arrived after Greenway’s complete overhaul of the 300 acres. Intricate irrigation networks, comprehensive water capture and recycle systems and a unique sand and drought-tolerant turf combination have significantly reduced net water usage. Find out more about our water conservation efforts here.  Recent experiments with biochar are also dramatically reducing chemical inputs, and Corica Park’s newest course is largely pesticide-free.

Social Sustainability

Greenway leverages golf as a vehicle for change. Our goal is for the sport we love to culturally and socio-economically reflect today’s world. We are also reimagining land use beyond golf for meaningful benefitCorica Park’s On The Green Initiative seeks to integrate golf courses into the wider community by removing hurdles that limit access and opening doors to opportunities that the sport and the space can nurture. Learn more about our equity-focused pillars here. Examples of our creative programming and land use diversification efforts include On The Green Golf & Play Summer Camp, offered at no cost, including food and transportation to underserved East Bay youth, free leagues and practice access intended to support inclusive, competitive play, complimentary space use for non-profits and special events promoting local small businesses, healthy living and other forms of recreation.


Greenway Golf is committed to continuous innovation in the pursuit of our vision. We strive to manifest how golf courses can and should be vital parts of communities—equitable places for all to connect with nature, with recreation, with each other and with new possibilities.

If you are interested in supporting our On The Green Summer Camp or Saturdays On the Green Clinics to provide greater access to golf and outdoor recreation to underserved youth, please consider donating to our efforts through our foundation. Greenway Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Corporation. EIN 87-1612518

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